Hyperbeat is an intense Arcade-style shoot 'em up inspired by the game GRIDD: Retroenhanced. The gameplay and sound design are intertwined with the rythm of the in-game soundtrack, every explosion and every shot fired lines up with the the beat.

Travel through space in hyperspeed as you attempt to reach the edge of the universe.

The team:

  • Admir Burnic (level designer)

  • Faraz Farahani (level designer)

  • Viktor Pramberg (graphical artist)

  • Jonathan Persson (graphical artist)

  • Alice Kiosev (graphical artist)

  • Carl Hiselius (game programmer)

  • Samuel Andresen (game programmer)

  • Christian Forsberg Rasmussen (game programmer)

  • Kasper Esbjörnsson (game programmer)

  • Joakim Bensryd (game programmer)

  • Dennis Hansson (game programmer)

  • Emil Assarsson (technical artist)

  • Melker Berg (technical artist)


  • Mode: Arcade, Shoot 'em up

  • Development: Created in 10 weeks halftime (4hrs/day).

  • Engine: Igloo (custom in-house engine).

My Contributions

  • Level design (level 1, level 3)

  • Gamedesign

  • Level dressing