"But wait what's that on the horizon? A bird, a plane? A Nazi Scrap Missile? " - Cpt. Jack Penguin.

Take control of Cpt. Jack Penguin's pirate ship as you fight through waves of invading scrap-nazis. Destroy hundreds of nazi scrap ships and fight the führer's luitenants, before having a final confrontation with the führer himself.

SchrottWaffe is an action packed Shoot em' up made at The Game Assembly during the period of 8 weeks halftime.

The team:

  • Admir Burnic (level designer)

  • Fredrik Sjö (level designer)

  • Magnus Quach (graphical artist)

  • Hini Häggmark (graphical artist)

  • Clara Lindblad Åman (graphical artist)

  • Carl Hiselius (game programmer)

  • Samuel Andresen (game programmer)

  • Jonathan Svensson (game programmer)

  • Kasper Esbjörnsson (game programmer)

  • Vincent Wipp Ekman (game programmer)


  • Mode: Shoot 'em up

  • Development: Created in 8 weeks halftime (4hrs/day).

My Contributions

  • Level design

  • Game design

  • Sound FX