OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead


Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Genre: 4 Player co-op action FPS

Release date: 6 Nov, 2018


OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead is an action FPS with a strong emphasis on four-player cooperative gameplay with survival horror elements.

Players go on missions and must work together to complete their objectives in order to survive in a world overrun by zombies.

My work on Overkill’s The Walking Dead was focused entirely on level design. I supported the level design team in the final phases of development with bug fixing, maintenance and polish across multiple levels. After initial release I worked on multiple DLC levels, implementing gameplay and owning features from concept to completion.

Most prominently I worked on a Season 2 DLC story mission that will be releasing shortly. On this mission I am responsible for greyboxing, designing and scripting encounters. Taking the level from early production to completion.

Responsibilities Included:

  • Level Design

    ⦁ Conceptualizing, prototyping and implementing new puzzles & encounters

    ⦁ Greyboxing

    ⦁ Designing and scripting combat layouts and scenarios

    ⦁ Performing maintenance on multiple levels

    ⦁ Implementing new features into previously released content

    ⦁ Gameplay polish

    ⦁ Bug fixing

  • Collaboration with other disciplines

    ⦁ Communicating with environment art to direct level dressing

    ⦁ Working closely with tech design and implementing new game mechanics and features as per their instructions

    ⦁ Collaborating with narrative and implementing voice over lines


Hunter Wright

Lead level-designer

Available by E-mail: Hunter.h.wright@gmail.com

Available by phone: +1 615 977 9805

Bijoy Thomas

Art Producer

Available by E-mail: thomas_bijoy@yahoo.co.in

Available by phone: +46734949005

Michiel Werring

Level designer

Available by E-mail: Werring.Michiel@Gmail.com

It's been an absolute pleasure working with Admir on OVERKILL's The Walking Dead where he assisted myself and several other level designers. He joined at a very demanding time and with limited training he managed to support us in a very significant way.

During his time with us he has proven to be great at level design and scripting, adheres to standards, picks up new systems quickly, and faces challenges head on. He has a great attitude, is easy going, and perfect for any studio environment.

I wholeheartedly recommend him, and hope to work together again on future projects.