Demons + Lead = Dead


Demons + Lead = Dead is a top down adventure action-packed shooter inspired by Enter the gungeon. The game was made at The Game Assembly during the period of 8 weeks, halftime.

Due to a demon invasion, your base lost contact with their outpost. Play as a cyborg that together with his loyal corgi companion "Meatshield" must slaughter the demon forces and re-establish contact with the outpost.

The team:

  • Admir Burnic (level designer)

  • Faraz Farahani (level designer)

  • Magnus Quach (graphical artist)

  • Hini Häggmark (graphical artist)

  • Johannes Bengtsson (graphical artist)

  • Johan Anderdahl (game programmer)

  • Jonathan Svensson (game programmer)

  • Marcus Stein (game programmer)

  • Axel Szelag (game programmer)


  • Genre: Top-down adventure shooter

  • Development: Created in 8 weeks halftime (4hrs/day).

My Contributions

  • Level design (level 1, level 3)

  • Gamedesign

  • Level dressing