Cure is a plattformer inspired by Limbo and Ori and the blind Forest. It was made at The Game Assembly during the period of 8 weeks halftime.

The old ones created this world, they left it a vibrant and a happy place. Now it is poisoned and is breaking apart. You the caretaker, must find the source of evil and cure this world before it's too late.

The team:

  • Admir Burnic (level designer)

  • John Behrens (level designer)

  • Magnush Quach (graphical artist)

  • Martin Vallin (graphical artist)

  • Alice Kiosev (graphical artist)

  • Johan Anderdahl (game programmer)

  • Dennis Hansson (game programmer)

  • Lukas Svensson (game programmer)

  • Vincent Wipp Ekman (game programmer)


  • Genre: Plattformer.

  • Development: Created in 8 weeks halftime (4hrs/day).

My Contributions

  • Level design (level 1, level 3)

  • Gamedesign

  • Level dressing