A failed heist attempt at a mansion leaves you wrongfully accused of murder. You must through the power of wits, pointing and clicking, find the real killer before the police arrive. 

Crooked is a Point & Click made at The Game Assembly during the period of 8 weeks halftime. 

The team:

  • Admir Burnic (level designer)

  • Anton Pilmark (level designer)

  • Henrik Giang (graphical artist)

  • Alice Kiosev (graphical artist)

  • Johannes Bengtsson (graphical artist)

  • Hussein Taher (game programmer)

  • Johan Anderdahl (game programmer)

  • Albin Nilsson (game programmer)

  • Kasper Esbjörnsson (game programmer)

  • Joakim Bensryd (game programmer)


  • Genre: Point & Click, Puzzle.

  • Development: Created in 8 weeks halftime (4hrs/day).

My Contributions

  • Level design

  • Game design

  • Puzzle design

  • Story

  • Sound FX