Game: Company of Heroes 2

Game Mode: Multiplayer

Tool/Engine: Company of Heroes 2 Worldbuilder



Outskirts is a Company of Heroes 2 multiplayer 2v2 map. The map takes places in Western Europe and is inspired by the German town Seelow and the battles surrounding it during World War 2.


The gameplay is often centered around the Town and the church area. Both of them provide important munition and fuel resources to the teams. Controlling these resources is vital if a team is to win.

Town Overview

The Town

  • Has a heavy focus on chokepoints and close quarter combat.

  • A lot of tight spaces makes tanks vulnerable.

  • Close quarters can make infantry very effective.

Church Overview

The Church

  • Emphasizes more longer ranged combat, line of sights and fewer chokepoints.

  • Plenty of space for tanks to manuever.

  • Long range units can be very effective.

Cut-off points

If opposing teams are controlling the church or town, players can deny them their resources by cutting them off.



The original design for the church area was a bit too open and was lacking in height differences. This made the church and it's surroundings feel flat and boring.

Church iteration

  • A more organic layout.

  • Added some more subtle height differences in the terrain.

  • Added a river to the eastern side, which also runs through the town. This made the church area feel more connected to the town and the rest of the map.

  • Added some areas more suitable for close quarter combat near the church for more variety in gameplay.


The initial town design had alot of streets which meant too many flanking routes for players to use. This made chokepoints in the town very uneffective. The town also lacked in verticality which made it feel very flat.

Town iteration

  • Added a river which gave town some nice negative space.

  • Added bridges for more effective chokepoints in the middle of town.

  • Positioned the town on a slight hill for more verticality

  • Less and more effective chokepoints.


I put alot of emphasis on making a detailed environment. What you see below is the various layers of details I added to the map. For Example, ground textures, decals, texture splines, props etc.